Custom Mouthguards


A mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment in any contact sport.

Diamond Denture Studio is a local provider and manufacturer of  mouth guards.

Our mouth guards are available in a large range of colours and designs that can be customised to match school, or team colours for light to heavy use or protection. We also personalise all mouthguards to include the owner’s name or nickname – just in case it gets lost!

Diamond Denture Studio’s range of mouth guards are used by schools, footy clubs, martial arts clubs and professional boxers. We offer a truly professional and personal service.

Our mouthguards, unlike boil and bite guards you get from chemists, are Thermoformed using a special machine. This will ensure the mouthguard provides contact in the mouth over a larger area and that protection for the wearer is greater. The mouth guard is fabricated for the prime purpose of protecting the wearer’s own dental structure.


What a lot of parents don’t realise is that a custom fitted mouthguard will also significantly reduce the chances of concussion.

The mouthguard material will help spread the shock from the impact throughout the material.

The boil and bite ones form Chemists and sports shop just dont do enough in this area. They are only any good if you want somethign to chew on while playing sport. That is about it.

Private Health generally covers most, if not all the costs of a custom mouthguard making them actually a cheaper option then buying one from a shop. Shop bought mouthguards do nothing to protect teeth.

If you are on the committeee of a sports club and would like me to come and do mouthguard impressions at your club, please call and we can arrange a suitable date.

I will look at sponsorship options for clubs that are willing to have me come and do custom mouthguards for its players