What are Full Dentures?

Full dentures replace all of the natural teeth. It could be a single full denture for the top teeth or just lower teeth. It could also be a combination of both upper and lower together.

When would I need Full Dentures?

Full dentures are normally required when you no longer have anymore natural teeth.

We understand that loss of your natural teeth can have a devastating effect upon your quality of life and self-image, as well as some basic daily functions. Dentures provide support for your face especially around your mouth, lips and cheeks. Without this support, sagging facial muscles and sunken features make you appear and feel older.

How many appointments are required?

We offer 2 different services for Full dentures.

Standard Denture

We use Standard teeth and acrylic and finish the dentures to an excellent standard. These take on average 5 appointments.

Premium Denture

We use top quality, natural looking and hardwearing teeth. Gum work is contoured and stippled to give authentic appearance. High impact acrylic gives added strength and confidence. These take significantly longer to produce. The average would be 6-7 appointments