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Immediate Dentures

What are immediate dentures?

To avoid the situation of being without teeth, your dental prosthetist in combination with your dentist will implement the immediate denture technique. This involves scanning your remaining natural teeth using an IntraOral scanner.

This is highly accurate and no need to take an impression of your mouth where potentially loose teeth may come out in impression. We then fabricate a temporary denture in the likeness of your natural teeth, or make any necessary modifications you may wish.

There are generally 3 phases to immediate dentures.

If you need teeth removed and do not want to walk around with missing teeth, this is the solution for you.

How many appointments are required?

The initial temporary digital immediate denture is done in 1 appointment with your prosthetist, and then 1 with dentist to have teeth out and the denture inserted. The reline is done in 1 day (generally 4–5 hours).

The final definitive denture will require 4–5 appointments with your prosthetist.

There may also be several adjustment appointments required to get the denture comfortable.